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I'm a 35-year-old film music composer. Originally from Bordeaux, I now live in Paris. I'm inspired by the work of François de Roubaix in Jean-Pierre Melville's films, and the music of Elli and Jacno in Eric Rohmer's Les Nuits de la Pleine Lune. I love encounters between styles and timbres, between minimalist orchestras, repetitive chamber music, punk energy and the analogue electronic music of Synthwave Baroque.

As a teenager I was lead singer and guitarist in the garage-rock band Les Brats, with whom I performed at Le Zénith in Paris, opening for Iggy & The Stooges, before my 18th birthday. My first encounter with cinema was at the age of 19, when director Yann Gonzalez filmed one of our concerts for the opening sequence of his second short film Je Vous Hais Petites Filles, selected for the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.

After starting out as a self-taught baby rocker, I trained in writing and arranging, and for a while swapped my electric guitar for orchestrator's sticks. In 2019 I'm a prize-winner in the Trio and Crescendo schemes run by the Maison du Film. I composed the music for Mariame N'Diaye's short fiction film Langue Maternelle for piano and strings, which we presented in 2024 as a selection at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Côté Court Festival. Mariame N'Diaye and I took part in the Sacem Jury at the Premiers Plans Festival in Angers, chaired by actress Juliette Binoche.

Still supported by the Maison Du Film's Sacem grant, I created the orchestral score for Simon Frenay's musical comedy Youssou et Malek, influenced by Jacques Demy's work with Michel Legrand. At the Marseille International Music & Cinema Festival, I met director Sarah Hafner, with whom we worked on pieces for theremin, violin and opera singing for her science-fiction short S.O.S., under the influence of Jacques Tati, and then with Ted Hardy-Carnac on the medium-length film Un Monde Sans Crise, which won awards at a number of international festivals and whose music was inspired by the New York minimalism of the 1970s and by Laurie Anderson.

Winner of the Moulin d'Andé, So Film, Émergence, Hlm Sur Court and Sacem Maison Du Film grants, in December 2023 I'll be one of four composers in the Talent Village at the Arcs Film Festival, where I'll be presenting my musical pitches four-handed with directors Joséphine Darcy-Hopkins and Isabella Margara.

I'm currently working on the soundtrack for my first feature film: Poster Boy. Written by Laurence Garret and Juan Manuel Sepulveda, it's a political documentary filmed on the roads of the United States and Mexico, and the music takes a step sideways as a European director looks at the fate of veterans of the American wars in Tijuana. I have been nominated for the Sony Publishing Avant-Son Prize for this work at the Sœurs Jumelles 2024 Festival.

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